SO CLASS, the high-quality collection of ball-bearing slides featuring both full and single extension capabilities.

Perfect Soft Close Technology

Improved Soft-Close Mechanism

Excellent Silent Movement

User Friendly Opening

Ball-Bearing Slide System

Smooth Running Performance
High Rigidity & Robust Structure
Different Finish Options
Improved Soft-Close Technology
Long Life Cycle
Wide Range Adjustment

Product Variety

Perfect Solution for All Living Spaces

Height Options (17-27-35-43-46 mm)

Length Options (185-700 mm)

Dynamic Loading Capacity up to

45 kg

Premium Black Color with High Quality Finish

Customize Your Finish Color with High-Grade Coating

Smooth Running Performance

Ultimate in strength and durability with SO CLASS Ball-Bearing Slide Systems, engineered with superior metal bearings and reinforced cage systems for unparalleled performance.

Introducing the latest addition to the premium range of furniture accessories, SO CLASS Ball Bearing Drawer Slides. These high-quality ball bearing runners are designed to provide exceptional smoothness and durability, ensuring that your drawers glide effortlessly and quietly for years to come.

Constructed with high-quality metal materials, SO CLASS Ball Bearing Slides have a dynamic loading capacity of up to 45 kg, boasting a robust material structure and metal cage system that enhance durability and performance. The ball bearings are engineered to deliver smooth and effortless movement, while the user-friendly design ensures comfortable and easy opening and closing forces.

With various lengths available, including long drawer runners ranging from 185 mm to 700 mm, SO CLASS drawer runners are suitable for a wide range of drawer sizes and designs. The telescoping movement technology ensures maximum extension and easy access to the back of the drawer. Additionally, the improved soft-close technology ensures a gentle and silent closure, making them perfect for use in any living area.

In addition to standard ball bearing runners, SO CLASS also offers single-extension (17 mm and 27 mm) and full-extension (35 mm, 43 mm, and 46 mm) slides to accommodate different drawer sizes and loads. The drawer runners are available in screw and latched assembly versions with high tolerance values, allowing for easy assembly.

The high-quality coating and metal drawer runners provide maximum durability, even under heavy use, while optional push-open versions add a sleek and modern touch to your furniture. Whether you require ball bearing drawer runners for your kitchen, bathroom, office, or living area furniture, SO CLASS Ball Bearing Drawer Slides deliver exceptional performance, long life-cycle, and unmatched smoothness. Experience the perfect combination of strength, precision, and elegance with our heavy duty ball bearing drawer slides.