New Generation Drawer Systems


Impressive solutions with modern design, slim side panels and perfect function

AlphaBox brings the perfection to kitchens and bathrooms.

Sleek and aesthetic
side panel design

Wide range of
drawer size from
270 to 600 mm

270 to 600 mm Wide range of
drawer size from

Maximum space in
drawers with 40 kg
loading capacity


  • White
  • Grey
  • Anthracite



We can apply your logo & brand
name on decorative covers..

Upgrade Your Drawer

Glass Side Panel

Unlimited Gallery Railing Usage

Sink Cabinet Solutions
Inner Drawer Solutions

Perfect Applications

Push-Open Soft-Close
Perfect Function
thanks to its synchronization mechanism
Easy Assembly

Effortless assembly with AlphaBox’s new generation drawer systems… Perfect alignment with precise height and side adjustment...

Easy Adjustment

Easy height and side adjustment with special mechanism assembled inside the drawer.

No cutting process for base panel
Tool-free assembly and dissassembly of front panel

Introducing the AlphaBox Drawer Box Systems - a new era of modern design and innovative technology for metal drawer box systems. With its elegant lines and sleek design, AlphaBox provides the ultimate in comfort and functionality for your kitchen and bathroom. With its soft close, push open, push open soft close functions, sink cabinet solutions, and synchronization mechanism for a smooth, perfect motion, this cutting-edge product is a revolution in drawer box systems.

The AlphaBox system features a two-dimensional adjustment system that allows for precise gap alignment, ensuring a perfect fit for any space. Adjustments can be easily made to the height and sides thanks to a special mechanism assembled inside the side panels. The AlphaBox offers a loading capacity of up to 40 kg and features a sidewall design of 13.8 mm. It is available in three different colors, including anthracite, grey and white, and allows for logo customization on decorative covers. The drawer offers various working functions, such as soft-close, push open, and push open soft-close.

SAMET Drawer Box Systems provide additional inner cabinet organization solutions with their aluminum front panels and front railings, dividing bars, and flexible separators. Impressively slim and sleek magnetic panels of the Artflow Inner Drawer Organization System can be easily customized and combined with glass panels for a premium look. The AlphaBox Drawer's metal sides can also be used to accommodate the drawer inserts, such as premium cutleries and metal back panels. The Artflow Inner Drawer Organization System offers impressively slim and sleek magnetic panels for easy customization. For a premium look, glass panels can also be combined with the metal sides of your AlphaBox Drawer.

AlphaBox isn't just about interior organization solutions - it also offers effective under sink storage drawers with SAMET's sink cabinet solutions. You can take advantage of the innovative gallery railing options, which can be installed wherever you need them thanks to side-panel-free installation opportunities with AlphaBox.

At the forefront of design and technology, AlphaBox offers an elegant and minimalist design that enhances the functionality and beauty of your kitchen and bathroom. Its innovative adaptive damper rails, synchronization system, and long lifecycle ensure that this product is sure to exceed your expectations. Upgrade your home with AlphaBox - the future of drawer boxes.