SAMET Side Mount Slide Solutions


Ball-Bearing Slide System

Smooth Running Performance
High-Rigidity & Robust Structure
High-Quality Finish Options
Improved Soft-Close Technology
Long Life Cycle
Wide Range Adjustment



Perfect Soft Close Technology

  • Improved Soft-Close Mechanism
  • Excellent Silent Movement
  • User Friendly Opening

Premium Black Color with High Quality Finish

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  • Long Durability
  • Safety System to Avoid Sliding Out
  • Color Options
  • Silent Running

Unique Silently Running Roller System

Industrial Slides for White Goods

White Goods Appliances
  • Smooth and safe movement of white goods experienced with superior movement systems.

Introducing SAMET Side Mount Slides category, featuring three top-performing products, SO CLASS- Ball Bearing Slide System, Klasik Epoxy Roller and White Goods Movement Systems. For high-quality and durable drawer slides, this is the right place.

The latest drawer track, drawer slider, and drawer glides technology are included in SAMET's cabinet drawer hardware collection, all designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. A range of sizes and styles are available for the drawer runners, including side mounted runners and side slides, offering the flexibility to choose the right fit for the needs.

For those who prefer self-closing and soft-close drawer slides, some of the best options on the market are featured in the Samet collection. The SO CLASS ball bearing drawer slides offered by SAMET provide exceptional smoothness and durability, with construction using high-quality metal materials capable of supporting dynamic loading capacities of up to 45 kg.

With a range of lengths available, including long drawer runners from 185 mm to 700 mm, SO CLASS drawer runners are suitable for a wide range of drawer sizes and designs. Ball bearing drawer runners feature telescoping movement technology, ensuring maximum extension and easy access to the back of the drawer.

Different variations of drawer slides are offered by SAMET, including side full extension and single extension, suitable for different drawer sizes and loads. Screw and latched assembly versions of drawer runners are available, with high tolerance values for easy assembly. Different profile height options gives usage area freedom. 17 mm, 27 mm, 35 mm, 43 mm and 46 mm profile height options serve different loading capacities and different usage areas according your need.

In addition to SO CLASS, Klasik Epoxy Roller is a basic drawer system used worldwide, elevated by Epoxy Slides, which takes it to the next level with advanced painting processes that improve its quality. Epoxy rollers come in different sizes and colors, making them easily mountable on any furniture. With SAMET Klasik Epoxy Roller, you can be assured of a smooth, silent, and durable drawer system that meets all your requirements.

SAMET Klasik Epoxy Roller boasts impressive technical specifications, including a self-closing system, dynamic loading capacity of 25 kg, and a safety system to prevent derailing. With a range of sizes available, from 250 to 600mm in drawer length, and electrostatic painting options in white, black, metallic grey, cream and brown the perfect fit for your furniture, it is the best match for your drawer.

White Goods is one of the three categories of SAMET Side Mount Slides. This product line is specifically designed to provide a smooth and secure movement system for your household appliances. Superior movement systems ensure high movement of appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and tub hoods effortlessly and safely.

Aside from the smooth and secure movement of your appliances, White Goods slides are also designed for easy installation. Side-mounted slides come with all the necessary hardware, making the installation process a breeze.

The importance of having reliable and safe movement systems for household appliances is understood at SAMET. The perfect solution to meet appliance movement needs is offered through White Goods product line. Superior quality and attention to detail can be trusted to provide the best possible product for homes.

Whether side mount drawer slides, side mounted drawer runners, or long drawer runners are needed, everything necessary to ensure optimal furniture performance is included in the collection at SAMET. High-quality and reliable products that offer both longevity and functionality are a priority for us. Experience the perfect combination of strength, precision, and elegance with ball bearing drawer slides by trusting in SAMET’s quality.