Quality Management

SAMET extends the value of the modern management system in all management subsystems with the aid of innovative and creative production processes that placed on the main axis of the “Total Quality Management” principle.

We have been Certified by

  • LGA
  • NIMM
  • TSE
  • CE
  • Carbon Footprint

LGA is a Germany based test center with over 30 offices worldwide and test laboratories with more than 135 years of experience. 

We have been certified by the LGA and received the "LGA Qualits Certificate" in 2001. 

The German-based testing organization NIMM became accredited as a European testing body in 1998. SAMET has been conducting certification activities with NIMM since 2001.

TSE is an approved Standard Quality and Technique Consultancy Service that certifies companies which are meeting international standards for production standardization. 

Since 1980 SAMET has been approved by this institution, as well and it is the first company owning this certificate for its hinge systems.

The raw materials used in the manufacture of SAMET products; tests have been organised by Intertek in accordance with the ROHS directives that there is no harm to the environment and human health. As a result of these tests; It has been registered by Intertek that SAMET products do not contain substances harmful to the environment and human health.

As SAMET, we recognise that our business has an impact on people's working conditions and the environment. This SAMET Supplier Code of Conduct contains minimum requirements regarding Environment and Social & Working Conditions.

Understanding and properly fulfilling SAMET's Guiding Principles is mandatory for all suppliers and contractors to manage the 8 key areas of the SAMET Supplier Code of Conduct. SAMET's business partners play an important role in supporting the company's vision and objectives and although they are independent businesses, we expect them to share similar business philosophies and values.

SAMET suppliers must always act in accordance with the strictest requirements, whether they are relevant applicable laws or specific requirements set by SAMET. If a SAMET requirement conflicts with national laws or regulations, the law will always be followed and take precedence. In such cases, the Supplier must inform SAMET immediately.

TURQUALITY® is the world's first and only state-sponsored branding programme.

SAMET continues to consolidate its position in the global market with the support it receives within the scope of TURQUALITY. The support received by SAMET within the scope of TURQUALITY has been extended for another 5 years, taking into consideration the brand performance and the "Olympic Team" champion candidacy.

SAMET is the first and only company accepted to TURQUALITY® programme in the furniture accessories sector.

Samet Kalıp ve Madeni Eşya San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. carries out all necessary activities for the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System. In this context, internal and external issues that may affect the ability to achieve the outputs targeted by the Environmental Management System have been identified and their general headings are defined below.

SAMET Kalıp ve Madeni Eşya San. Ve Tic. A.Ş., we believe that energy is a universal value, that energy is indispensable for the sustainability of life and therefore should be recognised as a human right. In order to benefit from energy, a resource existing in nature must be used by processing. These resources are the common property of all humanity. Energy should be produced as much as people need and should not be wasted under any circumstances, and it should not be forgotten that all energy resources other than renewable resources will be depleted. Therefore, renewable resources gain priority in energy production. In this context, SAMET Kalıp ve Madeni Eşya San. ve Tic. A.Ş., we fulfil all the activities required by the Energy Policy.

We have documented the verification of our Greenhouse Gas Emission (Corporate Carbon Footprint) according to ISO 14064-1 Standard.